Fitness Resistance Band Set 14Pcs

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Transform your workouts with these resistance bands!

Meet your new strength training BFF.

Just add these bands to your workout for assistance or more resistance. 

It has an adjustable intensity that lets you customize your workout freely. 

Great for muscle strengthening, muscle toning, fat burning, physical therapy, rehabilitation or just getting a quick workout anywhere. 

Use it at home, in the gym, in the park, or wherever it's convenient.




Adjustable weight resistance

Easy to use 

Lightweight and portable




Can be used alone or stacked in any combination for more resistance

Great for flexibility, muscle growth, rehabilitation, and more

Package Includes: 14 piece set - 5 resistance bands, 1 bag, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps,1 door anchor, 3 power resistance loop bands, 1 workout guide.